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Ahh..the Smell of Autism in the Morning

I’ve decided to try writing early in the morning while I’m alone at the restaurant. This is my 5th attempt at writing a follow up to the first post. They all seem perfectly fine while I’m writing. But I read them the next morning and cannot give a single shit about a word of it. It seems wrong to ask anyone else to care more.

view of downtown from restaurant patio

Context for the restaurant and my current work schedule seems relevant now. The

restaurant is open 4 days a week for lunch and dinner. Recently though, we’ve started opening for breakfast. I’ve taken on that bit. I leave my house sometime before 3:45 and I’m at work sometime before 4:00. I’m dead busy until I open the doors at 5:30a. But after all the prepping and readying and rushing about are over, what follows are some of my favorite people stopping by to grab a bite. And between them, these glorious little lulls happen. When I’m the only one here. When my brain is rested, busting open with autistic curiosity and still unbothered by the expectations of a world still snoozing. If I’ve something to say at all, I should be able to say it then, I think.

I’m not even sure this qualifies as an actual blog post. It leans a little toward tedious notification concerning anticipated methodologies for future blog posts. Gawd. And still it’s more interesting than the others.



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